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WOW Livestream Workshop

Irene, Kenny, and Kevin Duford
  • WOW Training Workshop
  • 4 session Live Virtual Training
    Dates For Next Class:
    All Sessions:9:00-11:30 Pacific Time
  • Thursday,October 10th, 2024
  • Friday,October 11th, 2024
  • Thursday,October 17th, 2024
  • Friday, October 18th, 2024
    Deadline To Register is
    October 8th, 2024

There's a way for you to give your loan team the training they need to succeed.

In fact-the Loan Officers who invest in their team are the ones that thrive in the marketplace.

  • Do you want your clients and referrals partners to have an amazing experience working with you and your team?
  • Are you frustrated with your team not knowing who should be doing what and when?
  • Are you too busy to train a Loan Partner/Assistant in an exact process that will ensure your loan process and client experience is amazing?
  • Are you tired of feeling worn out from "putting out fires" that should be handled by your Loan Partner or Loan Assistant?
  • Are you working extra hours because you don't feel confident delegating tasks to your team?
  • Do you lack the desire to create an exact system and then take the time to train your Loan Assistant/Loan Partner and team on how to implement it?

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Course Curriculum

  • Learn how to be an amazing WOW Loan Partner.
  • Uncover the ideas behind the team freeing up the LO to go get more loans.
  • Support the LO in not stepping back in the loan process.
  • Learn why encouraging the LO to get out of the office is beneficial to the team.

  • Discover how to leverage your team and their skill sets so that you can be more efficient, productive, and self-motivating.

  • Clarify your roles so that your team is on the same page.

  • Review examples of models and who does what in each model.

  • Deepen your relationships with past clients.
  • Know how to listen for opportunities to connect deeper with clients and agents.
  • Know how to find the right mindset so that you always create opportunities for referrals

  • Discover the Language of Success and learn tips and tricks for removing obstacles that might be holding your clients back.

  • Create a working system for doing things the "Same Way Every Time" and why "Every Day Matters."
  • Know how to prevent things from "slipping through the cracks" by implementing a follow-up system that works every time.

  • Get access to proven checklists that will make your team more united, efficient, and productive.

  • Know how to follow up in a way that isn't annoying or pushy.

  • Learn methods for closing more deals, more often by keeping clients and agents updated.

  • Learn methods for closing more deals, more often by keeping clients and agents updated.

  • Discover tips for winning over new clients and creating loyalty in the early stages.

  • Learn, practice, role play and review winning scripts.
  • Knowing how to perform lead to contract conversations.
  • Master winning over a client.
  • Set proper expectations with clients right from the beginning.
  • Learn how to present things properly at the beginning to avoid issues down the road.
  • Get scripts to help your team use your name and grow your brand whenever their on the phone with clients or partners.
  • Know how to convert borrowers with the right dialogues.
  • Learn how to deal with customers in a way that lets them know they are valued and appreciated.
  • Know how to answer objections.
  • Learn how to handle difficult clients.
  • Discover how to create weekly calls that deliver amazing service and bring in referrals.

  • Learn best practices for starting, growing, and nurturing winning loan teams.

  • Learn how to deepen relationships with past and current clients.
  • Know how to listen for opportunities for connecting with clients and agents.
  • Understand the mindset, importance, and benefit to the team of always looking for opportunities to "ask".
  • Know how to strengthen relationships with clients and agents.
  • Master connecting through moments.

  • Learn how to motivate your team and develop a strategy for reaching each one of your business goals.

  • Know how to leverage your processes and time frames so that you're always delivering results each step of the way.

Trusted by 100+ of the industry's leading loan officers.

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